Bertulli shoes: shoes for being taller


A Bertulli shoe has a conventional appearance with a little or big secret. It has an interior wedge of 3 cm of height, really light and anatomically designed. The normal exterior heel of the shoe can vary between 3 and 4 cm according to the footwear, make possible an increase of 7 cm.

As a consequence of the interior wedge, every Bertulli shoe is made with a special shoetree. By this way, you will get comfort and hold to the feet.


In the soles, natural leather. In the exterior, Cordovan or top-quality, extrasoft-calfskin. In the interior, fine leather or the best cushioned. Every style or range is different from the others because of the materials used in their shoes. Nevertheless, all of them have something in common: they are made with top-quality materials.


The manufacturing of Bertulli shoes are totally hand-made for Goodyear shoes. It is mixed for the rest of shoes. Always looking for a top-quality product.


The interior wedge is anatomically designed and cushions the spinal column and joints from the normal walking above hard surfaces.

Goodyear shoes

Goodyear-welt shoes are the best ones in the international footwear market. Their special production system might give them some rigidity when they are new. Nevertheless, they are created to provide total comfort and care for our feet. Moreover, Goodyear-welt shoes are hand-made with top-quality materials.

The basis of Goodyear-welt system are:

A sole with two surfaces separated by a cork layer.

The interior sewing among the superior leather, the insole and the welt.

The exterior sewing that joins the sole and the welt (in others, the sole is sewn inside).


Wet prevention thanks to the cork layer placed inside the structure of the shoe and the lack of interior sewing.

Wet prevention thanks to the cork layer placed inside the structure of the shoe and the lack of interior sewing.


1. Reinforced shoetree fo more comfort and hold.

2. A fine natural leather sole of 5mm, doubled and reinforzed with a fine starched fabric.

3. Slow tanned Cordovan instep and fine leather lining.

4. Special natural leather welt for Goodyear-welt manufacturing, sewn with 100% linen.

5. Cork wedge linned with top-quality, extra-soft calfskin.

6. A fine metallic layer to give solidity to the shoe.

7. Di Marcelo Italian natural leather sole, top-quality, sewn with thread and sticked with crystal glue.

8. Cork layer to give more comfort.

9. Natural leather heel with the back made of rubber to give more stability.

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